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A fan of British nostalgia? Get your nostalgic fix here! Nostalgic television, entertainment and advertising that will bring you back to the yester-years. Enjoy the weekly blogs that will tug on your memory strings. From Bullseye to Catchphrase – the Rubik’s Cube to Operation – Grange Hill to Opal fruits – Ever Ready batteries to Tales of the Unexpected – a cocktail of British nostalgia … shaken not stirred!

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Recommended reads:

Need to brush-up on your cockney rhyming slang? Remembering the hilarious 80s advert ‘Water in Majorca’. Reminisce here: Classic advert: From posh to cockney – The water in Majorca …

Classic 80s advert: Kellogg’s Bran Flakes … tasty tasty very very tasty. Grab a bowl of the tasty cereal here: Classic television adverts: Kellogg’s Bran Flakes … they’re tasty tasty very very tasty

Do you remember the classic Shake ‘n’ Vac advert from the 70s and 80s with Jenny Logan? Reminisce here: Classic advert: Shake ‘n’ Vac with Jenny Logan

The iconic children’s programme Grange Hill celebrates it’s 40th birthday in 2018! Read all about birthday celebration at the Elstree Studios and check out the school dinner here: Grange Hill 40: Friends Reunited – the return of the Nostalgic Geeks

Do you have fond memories of your first car? Remembering the days when power-steering and electric windows didn’t exist: Yesterday’s Drive: A brief review of car advertising in the 70s and 80s

Rigsby rules in Rising Damp. I doubt if he ever gave any of his tenants a contract – if he did it may read something like this: Rigsby’s rules – the rules of a rogue landlord

Clockwise starring John Cleese: back to 1985. 1985 brings back some nostalgic memories … soggy British Rail sandwiches, the Austin Princess and telephone box frustrations! Read about it here: Clockwise starring John Cleese: back to 1985

Remember the quiz-show Catchphrase? Some fond nostalgic memories here: Nostalgic TV Quiz-show: It’s Catchphrase (remember … say what you see)

The Operation game. Before the Playstation and XBox, board games provided hours of in-home entertainment.   Read about the risks and rewards for successfully completing an Operation: The Operation Game: A brief tale regarding the complexities of removing body parts

Classic TV quiz-show: Bullseye! Ever fancied winning some of the prizes on Bully’s prize board? See what you could have won here: Classic television: Bullseye and Bully’s prize board

Classic 80s advert: Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills. Will it be chips or jacket spuds … Find out here: Classic TV advert: Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills … we hope it’s chips … we hope it’s chips it’s chips

Hamlet – the mild cigar. Remember the adverts with the mishaps? Kick back and relax with the mild cigar here: Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet – the mild cigar.

Classic comedy: Open All Hours. Ever fancied running a corner shop? Get hints and tips from Arkwright here: Classic Comedy: Open All Hours: How to successfully manage a corner shop

The Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to track down a copy of Fly Fishing, but who’s the author? You’ll remember his name here: The name … J.R. Hartley

Tales of the Unexpected. That music and THAT lady dancing. The music frightened the living daylights out of many. Read about the wicked trick here: Tales of the Unexpected: A Wicked Trick!



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