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Have Wagon Wheels shrunk? What about tubs of Quality Street chocolates? Do you still buy Fray Bentos pies? Read and voice your opinion: Staying power: Wagon Wheels, Fray Bentos pies and Quality Street

Thirst-busters and munchies from yesterday-years. Marathon or Snickers? Opal Fruits or Starburst? Remember Corona soft drinks? Read about them here: Thirst-busters and munchies from yesterday-years

The Rubik’s Cube remembered. Were you able to complete the cryptic cube or did you tear your hair out in frustration? My painful experience here: The Rubik’s Cube remembered

Nostalgic lagers, world cup football, VAR and personality types. Remembering when the likes of Long Life, Skol and Special Brew ruled inside pubs and living rooms: Nostalgic lagers, world cup football, VAR and personality types

The Grange Hill Girls. There were some memorable ladies at Grange Hill. Check out Here Come the Girls here: Grange Hill: Here come the girls

Ever Ready batteries. Remember the days when Ever Ready was the gold standard of batteries? Reminisce here: Ever Ready batteries – nostalgic power

Grange Hill. Can you believe that Grange Hill is 40 years old? Iconic children’s TV show still sticks in peoples minds. Read about Grange Hill here: Re-opening of Grange Hill?

Hamlet – the mild cigar. Remember the adverts with the mishaps? Kick back and relax with the mild cigar here: Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet – the mild cigar.

Adam West is Batman. Pow, smack, bam! Some say it’s the original and best. Check out this riddle from the Riddler here: Batman: The riddle of the ruby wedding

The Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to track down a copy of Fly Fishing, but who’s the author? You’ll remember his name here: The name … J.R. Hartley

Tales of the Unexpected. That music and THAT lady dancing. The music frightened the living daylights out of many. Read about the wicked trick here: Tales of the Unexpected: A Wicked Trick!

Received a free note card? Here’s a few ideas … Nostalgic note cards – spreading happiness through the letterbox

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