Welcome to retrohen

Name: David Henningham.

Occupation: Nostalgic Geek

Location: The northwest of England

Loves: Nostalgia, old school fragrances and Lemon drizzle cake

Regrets: Gutted I didn’t appear on the BBC series ‘Life on Mars’ but still hoping that I’ll eventually wake up in 1973!


David Henningham



7 Recommended reads:


The Big Mac. The iconic burger is 50 years old! Read here: 50 years of the Big Mac and the battle of the burgers

Grange Hill. Can you believe that Grange Hill is 40 years old? Iconic children’s TV show still sticks in peoples minds. Read about Grange Hill here: Re-opening of Grange Hill?

Hamlet – the mild cigar. You may remember the adverts with the mishaps. Kick back and relax with the mild cigar here: Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet – the mild cigar.

Adam West is Batman. Pow, smack, bam! Some say it’s the original and best. Check out this riddle from the Riddler here: Batman: The riddle of the ruby wedding

The Yellow Pages. You’ll be able to track down a copy of Fly Fishing, but who’s the author? You’ll remember his name here: The name … J.R. Hartley

Dial-up internet. It was not that long ago that dial-up ruled. Dial-up is not yet dead. Read about it here: Dial-up internet

Tales of the Unexpected. That music and THAT lady dancing. The music frightened the living daylights out of many. Read about the wicked trick here: Tales of the Unexpected: A Wicked Trick!


Enjoy the nostalgic ride!