Rainbow: making bread with Geoffrey, George, Bungle and Zippy

Geoffrey: Today we are going to make some yummy bread!

Bungle: I like bread.

George: Ohh that’s exciting – I’ve never made bread before.

Zippy: I like my bread with strawberry jam – can I have strawberry jam on my slice of bread?

Geoffrey: Yes Zippy, of course, but first we need some flour, some yeast, some salt, and water.

George: What is yeast?

Zippy: Yeast makes the bread rise in the oven – if you don’t use yeast, then the bread will be as hard as a stick of seaside rock.

Bungle: I like seaside rock – can we make seaside rock bread Geoffrey?

George: Seaside rock bread sounds nice – we can have the stripy colours going through it.

Zippy: Ha ha ha you silly sausages! You can’t have seaside rock bread and bread can’t have stripy colours!

Geoffrey: We’ll just make plain non-stripy bread today. The flour and salt are in the cupboard, and the yeast is in the fridge.

Zippy: … and where’s the water Geoffrey?

George: We get water from the tap.

Geoffrey: That’s right George, water comes straight out the tap.

Zippy: I knew that!

Geoffrey: Now Bungle, you need to mix all the ingredients together to make a dough.

Zippy: Look what you’re doing Bungle, your getting flour all over your fur!

George: Bungle, you’re turning into a floury white bear.

Zippy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Geoffrey: That dough looks perfectly mixed now Bungle.

George: Can we put it in the oven now Geoffrey?

Geoffrey: Not yet George, it needs to rest and rise for a while.

Zippy: Shall I get a pillow and alarm clock so the dough can rest and rise?

Geoffrey: Not that type of rest and rise Zippy – resting and rising the dough means it needs to be left alone in a warm place whilst the yeast works. An hour will be long enough.

One hour later …

Geoffrey: The dough is in the oven now – keep watching and see what happens.

George: Ohh wow, I can see the dough rising in the oven.

Zippy: It’s the yeast that makes it rise, I already said that the yeast makes the bread rise in the oven – it’s the yeast!

25 minutes later …

Geoffrey: Now we have our hot, freshly baked bread.

Bungle: It smells delicious!

Zippy: Can we eat it now Geoffrey? I’m starving hungry!

Geoffrey: Just hold on a little longer Zippy, the bread needs to cool down. Whilst we’re waiting for our bread to cool, you can get the strawberry jam out the cupboard.

Bungle: I want strawberry jam on my bread too.

George: And me!

20 minutes later

Zippy: This bread is delicious. Perhaps we can open a bakery and sell fresh bread throughout the streets and houses?

Geoffrey: That’s a good idea Zippy, but maybe not just yet. In the meantime, let’s sing the Making Bread song …

Bread, bread, tasty and soft, bread, bread, baked in the oven.

Flour, water, yeast and salt, all mixed together to make a dough

Bread, bread, tasty and soft, bread, bread, baked in the oven.

Dough, dough, resting and rising, dough, dough, into the oven.

Bread, bread, tasty and soft, bread, bread, baked in the oven.

Dough, dough, baking in the oven, dough, dough, rising high.

Bread, bread, tasty and soft, bread, bread, baked in the oven.

Bread, bread, out of the oven, bread, bread, freshly baked bread

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  1. Love it. Nostalgia was the greatest. Now its awful a d full pf snowflake attacks. Get and see it now before its gone forever.

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