Police 5 with Shaw Taylor – suspicious mind

“IT fell off the back of a lorry”

“I found a wad of cash in a wage packet on the pavement.”

The bruises on my knuckles… just a misunderstanding with some old geezer’s face.”

“I have no idea how that sawed-off shotgun got in the boot of my Granada.”

Meet me in the pub at nine tonight, I have a couple bits of jewellery that will make your eyes light-up.”

If any of the statements above raise no suspicion whatsoever with you, then maybe you also believe that pigs really do fly and that your petrol car will run effortlessly on diesel too! If on the other hand you raise your eyebrows and your face has a look of that sounds well shady, then you have some kind of connection to reality – give yourself a pat-on-the-back and congratulate yourself for existing in the real world. After you’ve finished with the self-praise, turn on the television and tune into Police 5. This is your chance to help catch criminals.

The host of Police 5, Shaw Taylor, will give you a rundown of the recent crime spree; he’ll tell you where, when and how the naughty deeds were carried out. In order to help Shaw solve the crime, the essential quality you need is suspicion – be suspicious of everyone and start connecting the dots. What does being suspicious and connecting the dots look like? Here goes…

#1. A lorry was hijacked off the M1 junction 11 slip road – “I’m sure our Tony said he was doing a bit of work in that area…”

#2. The gent who lives five-minutes away was hit over the head and robbed of his week’s wages on Thursday evening – “Wasn’t Dave the Rave splashing the cash in the pub on Thursday night… said he’d got lucky on the horses…”

#3. Thieves threatened staff with a sawed-off shotgun and robbed the local jewellers in town – “My mum was chuffed with the gold necklace she bought from a lady who was doing door-to-door sales on the street. The strange thing is that the lady was doing this at 9pm…”

The final key bit of advice from Shaw Taylor is to keep ’em peeled; he’s not talking about pre-preparation of fruit and vegetables, he’s talking about keeping your eyes open for criminal activity. Crime is still rife so the message of keep ’em peeled is still very much relevant. You know what to do so get cracking, and remember: everyone is a suspect.

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