Marks & Spencer, Brenda, and the money lender

DRESSED LIKE A QUEEN, not like a teen, bargain basement a flop, rise to the top. Marks and Spencer is the place, for clothing of fine taste, reliable and chic, go take a peek. Stroll around town, much more than a pound, cash in abundant, never reluctant.

My style is supreme, not part of a team, I stand alone, no swinging on a pole. Classy lady I am, the Marks and Spencer glam, dressed in style, tarts tossed in a pile.

Not left to the imagination, nor revealed to the nation, lingerie worn by me, my husband’s plea. Not a lady of the night, just doing what’s right, thrusting and puffing, late night loving.

Food glorious food, always in the mood, quality assured, never ever flawed. Without the St Michael logo, it’s really a no-no, keep up appearance, never ever buy clearance.

Weekly allowance not lasting, I’m certainly not fasting, my secret helper, her codename is Delta. She’s always in a dash, when dropping off the cash, no interested included, she must be deluded.

Marks and Spencer is the place, for us with good taste, say no to sub-standard, but yes to high standards.

Written by Marks and Spencer addict Brenda Bailey in 1984

A few foodie facts about Marks and Spencer

Whole chilled chicken (instead of frozen) was introduced to their shelves in the 60s

First major retailer to introduce sell by dates in 1973

Indian and Chinese ready meals were first trialed in 1974

Also in 1974, foil wrapped, boil in the bag foods were introduced

The first UK retailer to sell the Chicken Kiev in 1979

Sandwiches were relaunched in 1980 – Prawn & Mayonnaise was the most popular!

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