Cough cough … Splutter splutter! Achooo! Maybe the flu has got you flat out on your back … motionless like a sack of Spuds.

Been working like a Horse and now feeling knackered?

Maybe you’re in a hospital bed recovering from a minor op.

Don’t stress because your road to recovery has been given a major boost! The flu will be a distant memory, you’ll be back working like an enthusiastic Horse and they’ll be a vacant hospital bed in no time!

Your recovery route will be assisted by Lucozade!


It was common to see a bunch of flowers, some Grapes and a bottle of Lucozade by a patient’s bedside whilst recovering in hospital. I guess the flowers were to cheer the sick one up … reminding them of the beautiful life waiting for them on the outside. Not sure about the grapes … keeping the waterworks flowing and flushing out those toxins? There was no doubt about the contribution of Lucozade … gives you a boost that enables you to hobble swiftly to the loo (always helpful if you have chomped on a bunch of grapes). Gave you a mental boost too … ‘I’ve just had a glass of Lucozade, the energy boosting drink that’s so potent it needs to be wrapped in cellophane to keep it under control. Once unleashed the result is unquestionable!’


There are 3 steps to successful recovery … Medical attention, Rest and Lucozade. Lucozade can be seen as the most enjoyable part of the recovery step … the finishing line which was once blurred, is now bold and horizontal. Lucozade could be described in 3 words … ‘The Recovery Drink’ (TRD) They were no frills with this recovery drink … no claims to give you wings … it just did what you expected it to do … encourage the final stage of recovery to get a wriggle on!

I recall TRD being a bit premium too. Let me explain … my dear Dad would buy his Wife a bottle of TRD at the weekend. I guess it was seen as a kind of treat back then. When placed in the fridge it would be seen a block of solid Gold surrounded by inferior bits of Bronze (Orange squash which required a dilution rate of one-to-one to taste decent). I guess back then this loving gesture was the equivalent of buying your other half a nice bottle of Merlot or Craft Beer. Thinking about it, in this day and age, if you were to buy a bottle of Lucozade for your partner as a treat, you’ll probable get a strange look … that ‘You having a laugh?’ look. How times have changed.

TRD has legendary status. It’s iconic looks and no nonsense approach were appreciated by many. I’m for sure thankful for all what he did for me whilst getting over various illnesses.

The next time you’re stuck indoors, ill and feeling sorry for yourself … Remember Medical attention, Rest and Lucozade!