In 2015, I started Retrohen, home of nostalgic geeks. The reasons why I launched this fantastic site was to 1) share fun nostalgic memories, 2) create a unique retro reading experience, and 3) to entertain lovers of nostalgia.

Since 2015, Retrohen posts has viewed more than 120,000 times! I want to say a huge thank you for your views, shares, comments and purchases.

As you may well know, Retrohen has none of those annoying pop-up adverts – you get exactly what’s promised… fun and unique nostalgic memories.

I want to keep delivering fun and fantastic posts for many, many more years, and to do this there is a cost.

If you are one of the thousands that have read and loved the posts, and you would like my unique work to continue and entertain for many more years, then please help by donating. Your donation would be very much appreciated.

Sincere thanks in advance,

David Henningham (Retrohen)


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