Classic television ad: Trio – The tale of a spoilt brat & the Trio Band

SUZY knows what she wants and she wants it now!

She looks like an ordinary, sweet innocent girl with a big smile, but once she lets rip with the vocals to a song, initial impressions go flying out of the window.

Introducing the Trio Band

On the bongos we have hippy dude Jake. He’s avoided the barbershop for the last 15 years to a point where his eyes are covered by a thick curtain of hair. His moustache is pretty groovy and he knows how to play those bongo drums. Practise makes perfect and those longs dark nights beside the campfire were helpful in perfecting those bongo-beats.

Guitar man Stevie is the quiet guy in the band. He’s been strumming out tunes since the age of five and is well known on the music circuit. He’s instantly recognisable with the electric shock looking hair and John Lennon glasses. Stevie doesn’t get involved in the politics of the band, he just does his thing on the guitar and gets paid.

Suzy has a rather interesting history: she demanded to go to stage school at four years old. After two years of stage school, she was thrown out for being too demanding and loud. Years later, she demanded that she joined Jake and Stevie to form the group, Trio. Jake was not too keen on the idea but eventually gave into her constant screaming and feet stomping. Stevie wasn’t too bothered.

Big voice, big time.

The Trio band hit the big time by getting a contract to appear in a series of television adverts promoting a chocolate bar called Trio. During recording, Jake opens the set with some groovy drumming before Suzy kicks in with some screamingly loud out-of-tune vocals. The recording studio staff cringed when they heard Suzy’s vocals but funds were too tight to do a second take. The camera continued to roll. After continuously telling Suzy to tone down her vocal volume, Jake slammed the bongos into Suzy’s gob and picked up a set of maracas as a replacement instrument. The result: Suzy was silent and the producers were surprisingly excited about the chaotic video recording. The advert proved to be a massive hit and sales of chocolate bar soared beyond expectation. The manufacturer, Jacob’s, were delighted with their advertising team and considered The Trio Band a major asset to the brand.

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