54321: A brief recollection by Poet Paul

LOCKDOWN is a must, the car gathers dust, remembering those days, free as a bird, Knock Down Ginger, best not to linger. Dashing to corner shop, for chocolate and pop, coins in pocket, in like a rocket.

The streets are quiet, I’ve ditched the diet, the chocolate bar comes to mind, but it’s impossible to find!

Five treats in one, as I stare at the sun, mouthwatering memories, but it’s buried in the cemetery!

Why did they stop making ’em, I ain’t got a clue, my name is Paul, but they made the wrong call.

My choice of chocolate bar, all day long, nothing else came close, to reaching the winning post.

Corona Cream Soda, quenched the thirst, but the chocolate flavoured coating, was mentioned first.

Crispy rice, gave the right kind of bite, once hidden, but revealed when bitten.

Through the caramel toffee, tasting nothing like coffee, Mellow Bird’s in a jar, never on par.

Onto the wafer, not tasting of paper, inner delight, ever so slight.

All in the past, the fondant was last, the bar unique, once at the peak.

Written by Poet Paul on 13.04.2020 – a nostalgic recollection of his once favourite chocolate bar, 54321, that has sadly been discontinued.

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