The Quatro conundrum

  WE’VE seen products come and go: the Sinclair C5 appeared in 1985 then went into receivership during the same year! Computer giant Commodore launched the Commodore 16 computer in 1984; this was the intended upgrade to the Vic 20 and younger brother to the C64 – sadly it hovered and disappeared without stamping its authority […]

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Tunes: a blocked nose, misunderstandings and cures

THE traveller wanted a second-class return to Nottingham. The chap at the ticket office couldn’t understand the traveller’s request. The reason the traveller was not understood: an annoying blocked nose! Nottingham sounded like Dottingham when requested by the traveller, causing confusion on the face of the chap in the ticket office. Luckily, the traveller was […]

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