Crossroads Motel: the warmest welcome in Kings Oak

WELCOME to the Crossroads Motel in the beautiful village of Kings Oak. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, we can assure you a warm welcome and a most pleasant stay.

All our chalets are tastefully decorated with modern furnishings. Our Executive Chalet is perfect if you fancy pushing the boat out and spoiling someone special. Whatever you choose, comfort is assured.

Our staff are on-hand to ensure you have the most delightful stay. Led by our highly experienced managing director, Nicola Freeman, the service we provide is efficient and friendly. Highly experienced does not solely relate to Nicola – we have a lot experienced team members throughout our motel: we have Jill and Adam Chance – Jill is the daughter Meg Richardson, the founder of the Crossroads Motel, and Adam has many years of business and management experience gained whilst working in Australia – Kath Brownlow, Diane Hunter and Miranda Pollard, are delightful, dedicated ladies who also have many years of experience here at Crossroads, and are always happy to help.

You need not worry about the quality of food served here: our restaurant, run by the internationally-known chef Paul Ross, will not disappoint. Feast on the nourishing delights served in our prestigious restaurant.

Maybe our motel is your stop-off point whilst travelling for business? Here at Crossroads Motel we have our on-site garage providing mechanical checks and repairs – why not leave your car with us to ensure peace of mind for your onward journey? Our experienced mechanics, Joe, Sid and Roy, will be happy to service your car.

It’s not just the inside of our motel that you’ll be impressed with, the stunning, green surrounding grounds is ideal for an early evening stroll to help you unwind.

The team here at the Crossroads Motel look forward to you giving you the warmest welcome on your arrival here at Kings Oak.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Crossroads was one of the major soaps on television. It had a regular slot of 6.35pm on ITV in the London region and ran from 1964 – 1988. The theme music was composed by Tony Hatch. Crossroads made a revamped appearance on television from 2001 – 2003.

Reminisce on the arrival of Nicola Freeman (1985) by watching the video below

Want Crossroads facts and history? Check out the Crossroads Appreciation Society website

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  1. I’m not usually a fan of soap operas, but I loved Crossroads. I remember it was possibly the last made-in-colour programme I watched on a black & white TV (on Tyne Tees, in a caravan in a pub car park).

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