Very very tasty Kellogg’s Bran Flakes

… but show ’em Kellogg’s Bran flakes that’s a different matter, they’ll all reply: They’re tasty tasty very very tasty, they’re very tasty

Being brutally honest, on paper, the very very tasty lyrics looks like something written by a five-year-old after watching a television programme like Play School or You and Me (‘You and me, me and you. Lots and lots, for you to do …). Who’d had thought that these simple, repetitive words would become one of the most popular straplines in television advertising?

Totally Mental!

Imagine having a meal in a restaurant – the waiter/waitress approaches your table and asks if everything’s OK, and you adamantly reply, in a songful manner, “It’s tasty tasty very very tasty, it’s very tasty.” Your reply could be interpreted as:

a) The food really is out of this world – totally exceptional!

b) You’re drunk!

c) You’re a bit weird – we’ll keep an eye on you and warn the other staff members to approach with caution.

The chances are that b) and c) would be the most likely conclusion, but when it comes to Bran Flakes, that’s a different matter – option a) is widely accepted and you’re seen as normal and fun!

Success via lyrical madness!

There’s been a number of Bran Flake adverts during the 80s and 90s – all containing the mad but catchy ‘very very tasty’ chorus, but each new advert came with new lyrics that left us giggling and scratching our heads. Here’s a few of them (bear in mind that the adverts are promoting breakfast cereal):

‘What about the weather – is it going to rain?’

‘I think you’ve caught an old boot ‘

‘How’d you scrub the floor deck?’

‘You know your worms off the hook’

‘How’d you like your eggs done’

Can you see the milkman?

‘You ought to try some press-ups’

‘Everyone together, bend and stretch’

‘Let me feel your biceps’

‘I think there’s a crab by your toes’

‘You know you’ve got a wasp in your ear’

Up there with the best

The ‘very very tasty’ series of adverts share the podium with the likes of ‘Shake and Vac and put the freshness back‘, ‘The water in Majorca‘ and Will it be chips or jacket spuds? In terms of madness factor, ‘very very tasty’ wins hands-down. What’s ironic is, at the end of one of the 1982 adverts, the waiter in the ad says “You know, this could catch on“… tasty tasty very very tasty…

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Watch the very very tasty television advert by clicking the image below:

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