The Oxo gravy cube: dad is cooking

FOR many kids, hearing that dad is cooking means that some borderline vile, mishmash will be knocked-up and slapped onto the plate. When presented on the plate, they weigh-up if the concoction is safe – their sense of vision and smell is as confused as a drunken chef, and the trembling food-onfork-in-hand approaching the mouth is a telltale sign of severe hesitation and fear of poisoning!

There was a pleasant and rather nice surprise when dad was on cooking duties in the 80s Oxo advert. Even though the two boys tried to sneak out the kitchen when their father boldly announced ‘Mum’s out – I’m cooking’, they were pleasantly surprised when they tucked-in after the initial mouthful proved to be unharmful and rather tasty. To be fair, all credit should not fall on their father’s shoulder – some of it should go to the Oxo cube, but, there is the argument that he still had to make the gravy using the gravy cube – he could have easily messed this up by making it robust enough to pass for thick cut gravy, or thin enough to pass for discoloured drinking water. I’d say 75% credit to dad; 25% to the Oxo cube.

It seems like dad’s cooking can be very similar to dad dancing: it could have the wow factor that gets unlimited applause, or it could be a case of no no no that’s all wrong and terrible and embarrassing! If it’s the latter, then the options are to either eat-up then throw-up, or to starve!

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Watch the Oxo advert by clicking the image below

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