About Sir David of Retrohenshire

Name: David Henningham.

Birthplace: Harlesden, London

Birth year: 1970

Occupation: Retro geek

Current Location: The northwest of England… Urmston, Manchester, to be exact.

Loves: Nostalgia, Brut, Old Spice, Soap on a Rope, Etch-a-sketch, Rising Damp, Big Daddy, Raleigh Chopper, Hai Karate aftershave, Fray Bentos steak pies, Ford Cortina, Tweed jackets, John Steed, Emma Peel, Twin-tub washing machines, Cassette players, Walkman, and chomping on burgers washed down with a decent IPA.

Regrets: Gutted I didn’t appear on the BBC series Life on Mars, but still hoping that I’ll eventually wake up in 1973!

THERE’S always been a big part of me wanting the drift back in time. The Nostalgic Geekiness inside was dying to put pen to paper in order to jog memories. The desire could not be contained, and in October 2015, Nostalgic Geeks came into being with the sole objective of bringing back memories from yester-years.

Your Nostalgic journey starts here

Nostalgic Geeks will bring you back to the golden ages of television, advertising and leisure. You’ll enjoy the nostalgic journey.

I’m pretty addicted to Twitter, so you can keep an eye on me here