Michael Fish: reassurance and the storm of 1987

THE gentleman called Fish, not sure if he’d cook a good dish. Weather is his game, trustworthy was his name.

The year was eighty-seven, weather not from heaven. A forecast of interest, reassurance not to stress.

She’d heard the hurricane was in a hurry, but Fishy said “don’t worry!

Technically he was right, a hurricane did not bite, but instead, whilst many slept in bed, a storm almighty bled.

As morning curtains opened, ohh good grief, no relief, a storm had torn, like a thorn, shredding without mercy.

Wind and rain expected, but nothing like this storm, lots of broken pieces, led to many teases.

Teasing target Fish, innocent throughout, must have wished, he was in a dish, hidden from the teasers.

We look back and laugh, many think he’s daft, but now he’s a national treasure, living a life of leisure.

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