For mash get Smash: a brief tale of the Smash Agreement

Alien laughter

Humans are strange – in fact they’re hilarious. They prepare and consume a hard, round vegetable called Potato. They remove the outside with a long of metal device, put it in water and cook it. Now comes the funny bit: they then smash it to bits! Yes they smash the potato to bits before eating. What’s the point of these humans having teeth if they end up mashing their food up – hahahahahahaha – humans are strange!

Cadbury’s to the rescue

Meanwhile back on planet earth, food giant Cadbury heard about the alien piss-take of how humans mash-up their potato before eating. The penny dropped in their research and development department and the lightbulb moment arrived. Why not make the process of mash potato simple for our fellow earthlings? How about powdered, dehydrated potatoes that just needs boiling water, a bit of whisking and Bob’s your uncle?

The Cadbury Alien agreement: The Smash Agreement

The aliens saw the problem, Cadbury had the solution, the next step was to flog the dehydrated potato to the earth people to save time in the kitchen. The Cadbury Alien agreement was signed – Cadbury would made the product and the aliens would appear in advertising that would be beamed to millions of earthlings via a television set.


A peaceful agreement that took the rigor out of making mash potato from scratch. The aliens slowly began to understand human activity and Cadbury’s became the savour of mash potato in homes across the nation. The message was clear an uncomplicated … for mash get Smash.

The End

Click-on photo below to watch the television advert

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