Ready Brek: How to avoid being dragged through the imaginary courtroom

IT’S wet, cold and dark when your kids set off to school. They beg you for a lift in the car but you refuse and watch them trudge out the door into darkness. Your poor kids arrive at school shivering and sneezing. It takes them all morning to defrost. Once the school day is over, they dash home and head to a spot by the radiator. You look at your kids warming themselves: they look sad, disappointed and very cold. You keep looking at them and they stare back at you. You can see it in their eyes  – ‘It’s your fault! We’ve been trying to get warm all day – it’s your fault we’re sneezing! You sent us out into cold and wet conditions without protection!‘ You sheepishly walk away and hide in another room.

The verdict is conclusive: you’re guilty of sending your kids out into the cold without adequate layers. Guilty of selfishness and neglect. Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!

This does not need to be the case. Avoid getting yourself into a position where your kids slam down the imaginary hammer and declare you guilty. Make sure they head outside with adequate protection – protection that will put a glow on them – protection that will glow in the morning darkness… get your kids fuelled up with bowl of Ready Brek!

Once the hot oat cereal is gobbled up, your kids will head out the door with a spring in their step. They will display a visual glow of warmth and have no chilly bones, sneezing or shivering.  They will arrive at school warm and ready to go. Whilst the non-Ready Brekkers are defrosting whilst sat at their desks, the Ready Brekkers are in full-flow absorbing every detail being taught as their pens go into overdrive. These kids are on fire and are still displaying the visual glow as they crack on through the morning session. The teachers know the pupils who’ve had a hot bowl of Ready Brek – apart from the visual glow, they notice that these pupils are alert, have blood flowing to their cheeks and their facial expressions are free moving (not locked in one position).

At the end of your working day you’ll return home to happy, content, frost-free kids. Home has a happy vibe to it with no hostility. There’s no one hogging the spot by the radiator as you stroll around free from guilt. You’ll be chuffed that you fed your kids Ready Brek in the morning and you’ll feel like a responsible parent again. You watch your kids laughing, enjoying themselves, dashing around the house as if it’s the start of the summer holiday. Ready Brek really is central heating for kids. You’ve discovered the secret to guilt free parenthood and never again will you be dragged through the imaginary courtroom.

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