Higher … Lower …

Shuffle those cards and dish em out. First card is an Ace … Fantastic first card. ‘Lower’ you shout as Brucie turns over the Two of Hearts. ‘Higher’ you scream and Brucie turns over the Eight of Spades. Eight of Spades. You pause for a second as you consider this middle of the road card. Do you stick or twist? Your motto is ‘no pain, no gain’ as your heart beats at record speed before screaming ‘Higher’! Brucie pauses before turning over the next card. Both of your hands are joined together with both sets of fingers interlocking as you feel your heart pounding in your mouth. Brucie is taking ages to turn over the card … Do it Brucie … Do it now! Brucie ends the suspense by revealing the Nine of Diamonds. That was a close shave but you’ve made the right call. You leap up in delight. You’re on a bit of a roll and this game favours the brave. ‘Lower’ you scream as you watch Brucie shuffle excitedly across the game board to reavel the next card. Your excitement swiftly turns into dispair as the Nine of Clubs is revealed! Sadly you get nothing for a pair … not in this game!

It’s a game of chance. The host is Bruce Forsyth, it’s a game about pure guesswork, the game is Play your Cards Right.

Play Your Cards Right


How many of us were glued to the TV set for 30 minutes whilst our vocabulary involved just 3 words, ‘Higher,’Lower or Freeze’. How many of us joined in with ‘Not in this game’ when there was a case of 2 in a Bed? How many of us shouted ‘Ooooo’ whenever a Brucie bonus was revealed?



Brucie is the Joker in the place with 4 little aces that sets the pace … and that is why he says with feeling, come on Dolly’s, do your dealing! Once the cards are dealt it’s a matter of getting a question right to get control of the board. Can you guess Higher or Lower successfully? Can you make the right calls and produce a 4 card winning streak to get through to the final? Maybe you can pick yourself up a nice Brucie Bonus along the way.




So you’ve made it to the final round. Give yourself a couple minutes breather … don’t touch the pack, we’ll be right back! In this round points make prizes. Maybe you had you eye on that Sewing Machine or the in holiday St Lucia. Or maybe you fancied that Renault 5. What you win (hopefully you won’t head home empty handed) is all down to chance … you can only hope that you play your cards right.

Higher or lower, freeze or keep going? Statistics, Probability or sheer guesswork. What’s your lucky number? Do you have a preference … Red or Black? Just a few thoughts that maybe running through your mind when Brucie asks ‘Higher or lower?’