Midland Bank: come and talk to the listening bank

Here at the Midland Bank, we are here for you. Our principles are simple: trust, sound advice, and most importantly, we listen to you.

Why join the Midland Bank?

Firstly, we are the listening bank. Some banks will ignore your needs and concerns – for them it’s solely about getting their hands on your money and reaping the benefits for themselves. Be weary of the fast-talking, smartly dressed bank manager who’s urging you to sign on the dotted line. At the Midland, our customers come first – you talk, we listen.

Reason #2: The Midland Bank encourages young people to save: our Griffin Savers account is for the under 16s – it takes only £10 to open an account and they’ll reap the benefits of interest. The account comes with a file to keep track of savings. It also comes with a project folder, a dictionary and a maths set – all nicely contained in a sports bag. The Midland Bank will help young savers become savvy with their money – not money scroungers!

Reason #3: The Midland Bank offers free banking to personal account holders! As long as you stay in credit, you’ll get free cheques, free statements, free Autobank withdrawals, and free standing orders. If you’re not getting these from your bank, come and talk to the us, the Midland Bank, the listening bank.

Reason #4: We”re not just here for the good times – we understand that life is full of financial ups and downs. Here at the Midland, we have very good ears, so if you’re experiencing an unexpected down in your finances, come and talk to us.

Reason #5: We are forward-thinking here at the Midland Bank – that’s why we’ve startled putting banks into supermarkets and cash machines in motorway services. We believe in thinking outside the box to make things more convenient for our customers.

Reason #6: Not just savings but lots more! We offer a complete mortgage service, we’ll help you with putting a unit trust portfolio together, taking care of all your travel plans all over the world – Thomas Cook is part of the Midland group.

Want to be with a listening bank? Come to the Midland Bank, the listening bank, we’re all ears.

After reading this retro ad for the listening bank, are you convinced to pop into your local branch and have a chat?

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