Blankety Blank: 80s special

Blankety Blank rules: TEN blanks – use your imagination to fill them… Go!

Pop duo, Wham, were enjoying cocktails at Club Tropicana. They were taken aback when presented with a bill. They called the waiter and protested that drinks are BLANK

Weatherman Michael Fish assured us that the storm was not heading our way. The next day, after the storm had caused havoc, Michael was so annoyed that he shoved his barometer up his BLANK

Maureen Lipman was feeling a bit lonely, so she gave Buzby a ring and asked him to come over for a BLANK

Mad Lizzie was performing a vigorous exercise routine on Good Morning Britain. Unfortunately, she had eaten a massive fry-up before the routine. When she finished, she headed straight for the BLANK

Samantha Fox decided to ditch the car and walk to her latest photoshoot. She had underestimated the strenuity of the walk and was deflated when she arrived. Samantha told the cameraman she was in no fit shape to BLANK

My neighbour bought a car from Arthur Daley. Whilst driving out of the forecourt, the exhaust fell off, a tyre exploded and the gear stick came off in her hand. Abandoning the car, she confronted Arthur and demanded a refund. Arthur told her a refund was out of the question because it was no longer his BLANK

Police 5 host Shaw Taylor had just told the nation to “keep ’em peeled.” As he was walking down the street, a man approached him and asked for the time. When Shaw looked down at his watch, the man stole his BLANK

After reading out a cryptic clue on the gameshow 3-2-1, host Ted Rogers smiled, flicked his fingers, and told the contestant that there’s a good chance of winning a BLANK

Bullseye host Jim Bowen always insisted that he needed the commercial break to count the cash. If he wasn’t allocated this time, his counting would be all up the BLANK

Captain Birdseye was furious that the fish fingers served for dinner were not 100% cod. He threw a fish finger at the kitchen staff and told them he’s not eating that BLANK

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