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Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Policy

Back in the days of Raleigh Choppers and The Tufty Club, we generated very little data. It was a case of locking your filing cabinet and off you go. Now everything we do generates some form of data; and we wanted to tell you what we do with it, and how we manage yours.

On this website, you are able to contact us via a contact form. In order for us to reply, we need to store your email address and name in our database. We promise that we’ll not pass this on to anyone, not even the green cross code man!

We also take orders through a piece of software called WooCommerce. This means that we can send you out a copy of our book (not got one? Go have a look – it’s great!), or anything else which is available to buy. This again is stored in a database which we absolutely do not share. This contains address information, but no financial information. (see below)

We also take payments for the orders, this is handled by a third-party application, so we don’t store that, they do.

We use either PayPal or Stripe. Both of who have privacy policies of their own if you care to take a look.

All websites will use some form of cookies. These are the things which can be used to tailor advertising on some sites, so you see things which you should be interested in.

These are not as nice or as big as wagon wheels used to be; they are small files which contain information to help your make your experience better on our website.

You can switch them off in your bowser if you really don’t want to use them.

We also use social sharing cookies, these allow you to like and share our content.

We love you sharing our information with your friends, but we promise we’d never share yours.

We will update this policy from time to time, so please do check back!