The Hitman and Her: Just dance

CAN you dance? If you can, that’s cool; if you can’t, that’s cool too! Get dressed-up, get with your mates and get yourselves to the coolest clubs in the city for a night of non-stop dancing.

What dance moves are you gonna pull-off? Need inspiration? If you’re shy then start off with a little sway from side-to-side whilst flapping your elbows funky chicken style – you’ll soon get into the swing of things and your moves will gain nods of approval.

Maybe you don’t need any inspiration – you’re already a hardcore clubber known for your crazy dance moves that other clubbers try to imitate. The advice is to keep doing what you’re doing: keep innovating, keep trying new dance routines and keep raising the bar to make sure your reputation stays in tack.

Want to show-off your dance moves to the entire club and nation? Talk to Pete and Michaela and get yourself onto the Showing Out session where you’ll be involved in a dance-off with three other clubbers. Advice for Showing Out: let yourself go and give it some welly – remember: you may think the random move you’ve pulled-off is a bit lame, but Pete, Michaela and the clubbers may think it’s pretty badass – if everyone thinks you’ve pulled-off the most badass moves, then you’ll win the competition and dance away with your prize… a brand new vinyl record – not too shabby and all good for practising new moves at home.

Want a real challenge? Can you hold a mic, sing and still pull-off some decent dance moves? If you can, then Pass the Mic is for you. Hold the mic tight, sing hard, dance hard – it’s your time to shine so make every note and dance move count.

Want to bust more moves on Hitman and Her? Pete and Michaela will be coming to many more venues across the country soon: The Palace, Blackpool; Palm Court, Southport; The Mall, Stockton on Tees; Liberties, Manchester; Ritzy, Nottingham; Roxy, Sheffield; Goldiggers, Chippenham; Coliseum, Halifax; Twilight Zone, Cornwall and loads more. Check out the video below to get a taste of The Hitman and Her…

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