The Hitman and Her: Just dance

CAN you dance? If you can, that’s cool; if you can’t, that’s cool too. Get dressed-up, get with your mates, and get yourselves to the coolest clubs in the city for a night of non-stop dancing.

What dance moves are you gonna pull-off? Need inspiration? If you’re shy then start off with a little sway from side-to-side whilst flapping your elbows funky chicken style – you’ll soon get into the swing of things and your moves will gain nods of approval.

Maybe you don’t need any inspiration – you’re already a hardcore clubber known for your crazy dance moves that other clubbers try to imitate. The advice is to keep doing what you’re doing: keep innovating, keep trying new dance routines, and keep raising the bar to make sure your reputation stays in tack.

Want to show-off your dance moves to the entire club and nation? Talk to Pete and Michaela and get yourself onto the Showing Out session where you’ll be involved in a dance-off with three other clubbers. Advice for Showing Out: let yourself go and give it some welly – remember, you may think the random move you’ve pulled-off is a bit lame, but Pete, Michaela, and the clubbers may think it’s pretty badass – if everyone thinks you’ve pulled-off the most badass moves, then you’ll win the competition and dance-away with your prize: a brand new vinyl record – not too shabby and all good for practicing new moves at home.

Want a real challenge? Can you hold a mic, sing, and still pull-off some decent dance moves? If you can, then Pass the Mic is for you. Hold the mic tight, sing hard, dance hard – it’s your time to shine so make every note and dance-step count.

Want to bust more moves on Hitman and Her? Pete and Michaela will be coming to many more venues across the country soon: The Palace, Blackpool; Palm Court, Southport; The Mall, Stockton on Tees; Liberties, Manchester; Ritzy, Nottingham; Roxy, Sheffield; Goldiggers, Chippenham; Coliseum, Halifax; Twilight Zone, Cornwall and loads more. Check out the video below to get a taste of what you’ll be up against in Pass the Mic.

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