Tweed perfume: very few surprises and a rather lovely finishing touch

THE first thing to say is that there are very few surprises – we already know a lot about the characteristics of a lady who uses Tweed.

Tweed says just what you want it to say” and “The finishing touch” were the straplines used in the television adverts. These straplines can be a bit misleading: does it mean a lady can be foul-mouthed and aggressive because she is wearing Tweed? How about if she strolls the streets wearing attire only suitable for intimacy with her partner, is that permissible if she’s wearing Tweed? The thing with the advertising, and especially with these straplines, is that the lady is the ruler and the perfume obeys unconditionally: “Today I’m going to smoke my way through 80 cigarettes – that’s totally fine because I’ve decided that Tweed will say chain-smoking lady deciding not to give two hoots.” The finishing touch may be rather undesirable based on the scenarios mentioned above. It’s typical for perfume adverts to appeal to a particular personality, but the straplines in the Tweed advert gave permission for the lady to have a joyrider or loose cannon attitude.

For those who remember the Tweed advert, you know that it was miles away from the joyrider/loose cannon attitude. The lady in the advert was very controlled, she looked slightly reserved, she was decently dressed; she was a lady with class. In no way did the advert, or the other subsequent adverts, depict anything else. I believe this depiction is the real character of a Tweed wearing lady.

So I’m guessing, presuming, that Tweed may not appeal to teenage girls looking to impress a potential partner; it probably won’t appeal to twenty-something girls heading out clubbing, and the perfume may also not appeal to the likes of Beyoncé, J-Lo or Taylor Swift. There’s a good chance that the lady who wears Tweed has her head screwed-on, is fun to be with, dresses sensibly and has impeccable manners; she’s a lady. There are very few surprises, and the finishing touch is rather desirable.

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