That’s Life: the fragrance test

HOW good is your sense of smell? Is it good enough to distinguish an expensive fragrance?

Does your nose rank highly on the sniffability factor scale and is on par with a sniffer dog? Or, is your sense of smell so poor that you think the aroma coming from your local Indian takeaway smells like a pet shop?

During a blind sniffing test, would you think that Tweed is more expensive than Chanel No 5? Or, would you guess boldly and correctly that Live Jazz is much more expensive than Denim?

In 1983, the That’s Life team hit the streets to check if the public could sniff-out expensive perfume and the cheaper alternative.

Reminisce by watching the video clip below:

The retro hardback book, Section N Underpass – reminisce on adverts, leisure and entertainment from the 70s and 80s. Get the rundown by clicking the front cover below:

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