Hai Karate aftershave: the fine line between self defence and vandalism

YOU can look back at some aftershaves from the 70s and 80s and think:Cool – Blue Stratus could fall into this categorySporty – BrutManly – Old SpiceSeductive – DenimAll the above plus an element of Bruce Lee characteristics – Hai KarateWhilst straplines like ‘Splash it all over’ and ‘The mark of a man’ meant sporty […]

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Old Spice Aftershave – how to distinguish beast from man

HOW can you distinguish beast from man? Get close enough and have a rummage through their hair – if you see three figures displaying 666 then that’s confirmation of the beast. If on the other hand, after a rummage, no numerical figures are revealed and instead you get the manly aroma of Old Spice aftershave, […]

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