3 Shredded Wheat?

HAVE you ever been so hungry that you’ve scoffed 3 Shredded Wheat? If so, you’ve completed a task many have not even attempted.

The James Bond villain, Jaws, could not manage it – there is also a list of famous others who didn’t make the impossible 3.

Check out the 1982 advert below, then set yourself the challenge of downing an extra Shredded Wheat – you can do it… no throwing-up allowed!

Want more retro? Grab yourself the nostalgic hardback book with enough clout to send you flying back through the 80s and 70s. Click image below to get the rundown.

One thought on “3 Shredded Wheat?”

  1. This advertising campaign certainly did the trick, as I stopped eating Cornflakes and started eating Shredded Wheat, only to find out that I could only manage two!

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