Strictly Shake ‘n’ Vac

JENNY LOGAN packs in singing, shaking, dancing and vacuuming during the thirty-second television advert. Her energy was pretty amazing. As a result, she helped the makers, Glade, shift lorry-loads of Shake ‘n’ Vac, and got the nation singing and dancing. Jenny’s dazzling performance ended with clean carpets and a fresh smelling room. As the imaginary curtains closed, the audience continued singing ‘Do the Shake ‘n’ Vac and put the freshness back…

We’ve got to applaud Jenny, not just because of her fabulous performance, but for guiding a hefty vacuum cleaner around the room whilst doing the Shake ‘n’ Vac. The highly energetic routine probably meant she collapsed on the sofa and nodded-off after filming!

The judges expect to see nifty footwork to avoid any tangling of feet in the trailing vacuum cleaner cord.

Think you can match Jenny’s dance performance? If so, step-up for the Strictly Shake ‘n’ Vac dance competition. Guidance for success are as follows:

Step #1: Hold the canister at arms length, bend your knees as if you’re about to jump off a diving board, and sprinkle the Shake ‘n’ Vac evenly across the carpet. There needs to be fluidity in the hips whilst stepping forward and sprinkling.

Step #2: As this is a traditional dance, your partner will be a corded, upright vacuum cleaner. Take your partner and lead it smoothly back and forth over the carpet. Precise force is required to guide it carefully around the room.

Step #3: Care must be taken when approaching skirting boards and furniture – the golden rule is get close, but no bumping or crashing. Remember darling, you’re dancing the Shake ‘n’ Vac, not driving a bumper car at a fairground.

Step #4: The judges expect to see nifty footwork to avoid any tangling of feet in the trailing vacuum cleaner cord. You should take note of the cord positioning throughout the routine, and elegantly step over it whilst keeping impeccable balance.

Step #5: The routine should end with you, and your partner, hand-on-handle in the upright position. Your partner’s handle must never be left sprawled across the floor in the horizontal position at the end of the routine.

What you waiting for? Brush-off those pre-dance nerves, take a deep breath, and throw yourself into the routine. That glitterball trophy is up for grabs so do your utmost best to impress the judges, but, more importantly, deliver a memorable tribute to the original Shake ‘n’ Vac dance.

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