Strictly Shake ‘n’ Vac

JENNY LOGAN packs in singing, shaking, dancing and vacuuming during the thirty-second television advert. Her energy was pretty amazing. As a result, she helped the makers, Glade, shift lorry-loads of Shake ‘n’ Vac, and got the nation singing and dancing. Jenny’s dazzling performance ended with clean carpets and a fresh smelling room. As the imaginary […]

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The Oxo gravy cube: dad is cooking

FOR many kids, hearing that dad is cooking means that some borderline vile, mishmash will be knocked-up and slapped onto the plate. When presented on the plate, they weigh-up if the concoction is safe – their sense of vision and smell is as confused as a drunken chef, and the trembling food-on–fork-in-hand approaching the mouth […]

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