The Beano comic: the beauty of Beanotown

GNASHER may bite you in a place that will make your eyes water. Dennis the Menace, the creative genius, will turn a harmless empty cardboard tube into a rapid firing weapon and terrorise the folk of Beanotown.

Ivy the Terrible and Minnie Minx are girls who’ll smash you to bits, then happily chomp away on a bag of Dolly Mixtures. Roger the Dodger will find a way to dodge paying for a premium sandwich, at your expense!

Beanotown may sound like a place where it’s survival of the smartest, fittest, and most robust, but it’s a town that really appeals to me… Why? Gnasher may bite me on the bum, but, in Beanotown, it’s a dead cert I’ll be walking upright and pain-free at the start of the next publication.

More importantly, there are no fatalities in Beanotown.

Dennis the Menace will use that empty cardboard tube to pelt me with rotten sprouts, but my bruises won’t hang around for long.

Ivy and Minnie may form a tag team and break every bone in my body, but just like magic, my bones will be realigned and my recovery will be swift without a gulp of Lucozade.

Roger will con me into spending my last few pounds on buying him a Marks and Spencer sandwich – he’ll happily chomp through it whilst watching me turn to skin and bones. But guess what? I’ll survive.

Beanotown is the place where nobody gets old – a town where everyone recovers from illness. More importantly, there are no fatalities in Beanotown. Based on this important fact, I’d be more than happy to be thrown into a rotating cement mixer, I’d be cool with being catapulted into a tree trunk, and I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over a potential bashing by the Bash Street Kids. I know, with absolute certainty, that I’ll be a brand new person at the start of the next publication of the Beano comic.

Whatever the incident, planned attack, or trick that I have fallen for, my recovery time will be short – I’ll be back on my feet and trying to keep up with Billy Whizz in no time. If I’m lucky, Lord Snooty might even allow me into his luxurious home for some recovery time between publications – the chances of this happening are slim for riff-raff like myself, but in Beanotown, anything is possible… apart from a fatality. This is the beauty of Beanotown.

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