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A short story of addiction – R Whites Lemonade

YOU TELL YOURSELF ‘That’s it … never again!’ Your willpower is shattered as the silent seductress draws you in. Once drawn in, you’ll have the slightly embarrassed look of Oliver Twist whilst pleading for more.

It’s bedtime so the silent seductress has no chance … Wrong! You’re more likely to be seduced whilst sprawled across your mattress. You give in, jump to your feet and sneak downstairs in search of the seductive one. You arrive at your destination of naughtiness, throw open the fridge door and grab the one you’ve been drawn to. You waste no time hurling a glassful of the wicked one down your neck. Giddiness sets in and you break into an uncontrollable, unfashionable dance.

Hold on … someone’s been clocking you! You stare at the unimpressed face that’s clocked you. Still recovering from your giddiness, you confess … R Whites Lemonade!




Secret lemonade drinker advert


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