Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!

PEOPLE from a certain era will know all about the Thank Crunchie it’s Friday phrase. If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase then here’s the explanation: it means being overwhelmed with excitement for making it to Friday… waking up with a Cheshire Cat smile, being filled with happiness that’s on par with celebrating a major birthday, the relief of making it through four whole days and now the chequered flag is in sight… the weekend is almost here!

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday gives you a sense of achievement having endured a tough week: Monday was a painful kick up the backside after a boozy weekend, Tuesday gave you a few slaps around the face, Wednesday delivered multiple punches, Thursday came with a kick up the backside, slaps across the face, punches and an additional kick in your privates. Friday is when you brush the battering of the last four days under the carpet and look forward to the weekend… you’ve survived and you’re over the moon!

The achievement of making it to Friday is such a relief that it does sometimes bring out an undesirable trait… a slackarse attitude! Slackarse attitude: don’t give a damn, doing the bare minimum, extending your lunch hour in the pub then struggling to string a meaningful sentence together. It’s the most undesirable attitude when the Thank Crunchie it’s Friday phrase is pushed beyond its boundaries.

How far do you push the boundaries on Fridays? Let’s see…

  1. Minor: stretching your fifteen minute break a teeny-weeny bit, being a nosey-parker by having a scroll through Facebook every once in a while, leaving work a few minutes early – all excusable for a Friday.
  2. Borderline: turning up a tad late and leaving a tad early, spending a chunk of your time on the phone trying to get Madonna concert tickets, moaning about how tough the day has been whilst your colleagues do all the work – you’re on a slippery slope and the Thank Crunchie it’s Friday boundaries are bulging.
  3. Excessive: your working day is similar to a non-working day because you do no work! You watch dozens of cat videos on various social media platforms; lunchtime is a visit to the nearby pub for a spot of lunch washed down with a few glasses of merlot; in the afternoon you realise that you’ve got to get your act together, so you log onto and swiftly order a load of groceries before jumping onto the Wowcher website and buy a couple of jumpers in preparation for the upcoming cold weather snap; the final hour of your non-working day is spent drinking tea out of your massive Sports Direct mug whilst counting down the minutes and seconds to finishing time. Like putting a pin to a balloon, the Thank Crunchie it’s Friday boundaries has been popped and beyond repair.

Take a good look and yourself and assess which category you sit in. If you sit in the minor category then you’re not in a bad place – carry on as normal. If you’ve put yourself as borderline then now is the time to start working towards minor category status. Finally, if you’ve put yourself in the excessive category then expect to be called into a meeting with your manager – don’t get too excited by the thought of promotion, but instead be terrified that you’ve been sussed and your usual Thank Crunchie it’s Friday days may have come to an abrupt end.

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  1. Oh I love love love this article. I’m not sure of my Friday score, but I imagine it’s pretty bad being that I am severely underemployed at the present time. I will have to improve it. Thanks for giving me one more goal to set.

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