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WHEN I think about home furniture, I think MFI. Strange really as it’s no longer on our high streets and retail parks. MFI actually disappeared in 2008, which, in my timeframe is not that long ago. I have fond memories of MFI enthusiastically advertising on television.

I do wish that MFI was still around… this is because I’m drooling looking at the furniture in their magazine advert at the end of this post. I’d love our home to be furnished with some of the items in the advert. The Crescendo Storage Unit looks very impressive so I’d make sure that was in the living room. It would be a fantastic for storing the automatic record player (watch the record slide down the pole and the needle move into place) and a nice selection of 45s and 33s. The black and white telly would sit alongside the record player on the Crescendo Storage Unit.

The Pastelle Nest of Tables would also be a nice addition to the living room – perfect for serving tea and biscuits. I’d be a proud host when pouring Ringtons tea into a pyrex-styled cup and saucer. My guests will be impressed with the neatly plated-up Digestives, Rich Tea, Bourbons, Ginger Nuts and Party Rings biscuits.

I’d also splash out on the Merano Chair. I can see myself relaxing in it with a glass of sherry whilst listening to the smooth tones of Dusty Springfield from the record player speakers. The chair would be my special chair for my use only and I will take offence to anyone else sitting in it.

Of course my retro living room wouldn’t be complete without bright and colourful carpets and wallpaper with designs that will make you want to put your sunglasses on.

Everyone would be welcome to enter my retro living room with MFI furnishings, just as long as you respect the beautiful retro surroundings and don’t sit in my Merano Chair!

MFI: a brief history

MFI stands for Mullard Furniture Industries. It was founded by Noel Lister and Donald Searle. Mullard was the maiden name of Donald Searle’s wife. The company began in 1964 and ceased trading in 2008. At one point, there were 192 stores across the UK selling flat-packed furniture for our homes. During the 80s, it took over Schreiber Furniture. MFI also owned the Hygena brand which is now owned by Argos. purchased the rights to the MFI name in 2010 and relaunched the brand in 2011, but the brand ceased trading in 2015. The End.

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  1. I’m pretty sure there used to be a massive MFI in my grandad’s neck of the woods that we had to walk past to get to his house. And even though they bought all the furniture before I was born, I’m pretty sure most of the furniture my parents got – especially the cabinets and stuff in the sitting room – came from MFI. One of them still exists (just about!) But it’s now used for storage in their stock room. MFI was to us what Ikea is to a lot of people today. But I was surprised to hear that MFI closed down in 2008. I always thought it was late nineties or something as I reckon that was the last time I saw one of their stores. I do miss them though – none of the furniture places today match up in my opinion.

    1. You’re absolutely right, IKEA is the modern day MFI. I honestly thought MFI went down well before 2008 but after doing some research I was surprised. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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