1988 – The music and politics remix featuring Maggie Thatcher and the opposition

MAGGIE THATCHER ruled and stood firm, whilst Yazz insisted that the only way was up! Some prospered in ’88, but Womack & Womack saw teardrops on the faces of the less fortunate. According to Belinda Carlisle, heaven is a place on earth, but it’s also a place where you’d be criticised in you bumped into Alexander O’Neil. Fairground Attraction told us it had to be perfect, but Kylie added a touch a realism by belting out ‘I should be so lucky!

Climie Fisher was spot-on with love changes everything as the first BBC Red Nose Day makes £15m for charity. Mandela was always on the mind of the Pet Shop Boys as the concert at Wembley marked his 70th birthday. Transvision Vamp sang ‘I want your love‘ and with a nudge from U2, we had the desire to oblige.

Neil Kinnock called for more cash to help the NHS, but Bros said ‘I owe you nothing!‘ Nurses went on strike for more pay – with a little help from Brother Beyond, they tried harder and eventually the government announced that nurses would get a 15% pay rise. A pay rise especially for the nurses sung by Kylie & Jason.

Exit O-levels and CSE’s, enter GCSE’s. No need to worry as Eighth Wonder stood bold and declared ‘I’m not scared‘. After some initial scepticism, Joyce Sims swayed us to embrace GCSE’s and allow them to come into your lives and the song from Cher proved to be the clincher … we’d found someone.

Scargill got re-elected as leader of the National Union of Mineworkers – Jason Donavan’s ‘Nothing can divide us‘ may have ran through his head during his successful re-election campaign, but he didn’t hear The Primitives singing ‘Crash‘ in the background. The sixth sense possessed by Phil Collins felt something in the air that night.

The year ended with egg on Edwina’s face – she really should have taken Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car to escape from the angry egg mob; she didn’t and instead listened to Danny Wilson, then said Mary’s Prayer. Matt Bianco stood in her corner and yelled ‘Don’t blame it on that girl‘ but the damage was unrepairable. Edwina finally cracked and took the advice of Terence Trent D’Arby by signing her name on the resignation letter. As she left her role as Junior Health Minister, Tiffany sang ‘I think we’re alone now‘ whilst following her out the office.

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