Fresh Cream cakes: they’re ever so naughty… but nice

LONG legs in high heels, the ripped physique, a lasting smile, low cut garments that expose cleavage – all looks that many of us find irresistible.

The thing is this: true irresistibility is not about revealing cleavage, an awesome physique, showing-off sexy long legs or having whiter-than-white teeth, true irresistibility is about being enticed to the point of no turning back. There is a high degree of naughtiness with true irresistibility, and it is found at the bakery counter… cakes with lashings of fresh cream.

Fresh cream cakes has an impressive list of celebrities that could not resist: Cilla Black, Kenneth Willians, Larry Grayson, Frankie Howard and Barbara Windsor all wilted to the devilishly divine cream cakes – they all knew it was naughty, but they couldn’t resist.

Fancy having some naughty introvert time over the weekend? Say no to having a night out on the town, tell the girls that you’ve got a horrendous migraine, phone the in-laws and tell them you’ve been sneezing non-stop and it is contagious – instead sneak out to the bakery and buy a couple of the biggest cream cakes. When you’re back at home, open the box and admire the edible porn before tucking-in. The oozing of fresh cream onto your hands and around your lips is all part of the messy, naughty but nice experience; no shameful feelings allowed, just lose yourself in the secrecy of your cream cake fetish.

Irresistibility unchained, tempting and delicious – fresh cream cakes flings open the gates of naughtiness and pleasure. Rest assured, as you’re lured through the gates of naughtiness and pleasure, you won’t be alone… you’ll be face to face with many others feeding their cream cake fetish.

Watch the nostalgic cream cake advert by clicking the image below

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