Carry On Camping: Saucy straplines and the flying bra!

 CARRY ON CAMPING was one of the many Carry On films in the popular series that featured Sid James and Barbara Windsor (famously recognised by her rather large pair up front).

Many of the Carry On films were released at a time when Mary Whitehouse would be shaking her head in disbelief and shock horror, whilst demanding the filth to be removed from cinema screens at once!

The plot

Two men secretly trying to fool their girlfriends into going on a camping holiday – not to an ordinary camping site but to one where everyone is starkers! Unfortunately for the sex-crazed men, the camping site they arrive at turns out to be all above board with campers strolling around with their bits covered-up. Initial disappointment turns into hope when a coach full of girls arrive and the men see an opportunity to satisfy their sexual desires.


The saucy lines

The Carry On films are renowned for their saucy scripts. In one memorable scene, in quick succession, two men knock on the door of a cottage where a farmer and his daughter reside. The farmer’s daughter is pregnant – the man responsible for the bun in the oven was a traveller who was passing-by. The farmer is eager to find out who was responsible for getting his daughter pregnant …


Traveller knocks on the door and asks for a room for the night. Farmer drags traveller into cottage …

Farmer: Have you ever been with my daughter before?

Traveller: No but if the offer still holds …

Farmer: Nevermind just get out and never come back

Traveller: I’m sorry to have knocked you out

Farmer: Is that meant to be funny?

Traveller: No why?

Farmer: Because it was a passing tramp like you who caused all this trouble

Traveller: Ohh you don’t say – nothing serious I hope?


Shortly afterwards, there’s another knock on the cottage door. Farmer answers the door.

Camper: Good evening sir, I was wondering if I can have some milk?

Farmer: Milk is it?

Camper: Yes, I came here once before you know.

Farmer: Ohh you did eh???

Camper: Yes but you weren’t here – just the young lady and she gave me a bit.

Farmer: Ohh she did did she???

Camper: Yes, and it was very nice too. That’s why I’ve come back for some more.

Farmer: By gun you’ve got a nerve!

Camper: Ohh don’t misunderstand me … I’m willing to pay for it this time.

Farmer: I’ll kill you!

Farmer heads inside and grabs his rifle and shoots the scurrying camper in the bum.



The flying bra

Probably one of the most remembered scenes in the Carry On series. The morning exercise class turns into a unexpected bra flying experience resulting in Barbara’s boobs being exposed, Kenneth ending-up with a face-full of bra and a bunch of giggling girls!

In typical Carry-On style, there’s usually a finishing one-liner – a kind of saucy touch to end the experience. After demanding that Barbara is taken away, Kenneth, in typical formal vocabulary, says ‘Now that Barbara’s fallen out, (more giggles from the girls) – stop laughing – we’ll continue’.

Carry On Camping is a brimful of sauciness from Pinewood Studios – slapstick comedy, naughty innuendos, cross-wired conversations and lots of mischievous laughter … no prudes allowed!



And to finish off …

Carry On Camping was released in 1969. In total there are 30 films made in the series between 1958 and 1978. Carry On Camping was the 17th in the series. Some familiar names in Camping and other Carry On films are pictured below:




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