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IT’S your birthday. You’ve made it to the grand age of 10. The party is in full swing. Your friends are dancing like drunken snakes as the party tunes pump out. The music stops and then it’s onto a game of pass the parcel. Once the parcel is finally unwrapped, it’s time for a break as everyone takes their seats on the table. The table is filled with delights – wobbling jelly, mountains of Ice cream and a bright coloured birthday cake.
After you’ve all stuffed your faces, it’s time for you to blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Close your eyes, make a wish, deep breath and blow!


You begin ripping open your pressies. You dig your fingers deep into the folds of the well wrapped presents and send the wrapping paper flying over your shoulder. Your wish has come true as a portable radio is revealed. Radio out the box, aerial up and hit the on switch. Your face is filled with confusion and frustration as nothing happens. You look up and notice your dad holding out a handful of batteries needed for your radio to work. These are no ordinary batteries – these batteries are better than the rest and guaranteed to give you loads of radio listening time. These batteries are Ever Ready batteries.




False economy. That’s what you’ll be getting if you buy cheap batteries. Your radio will be as flat as a tortilla within an hour if you go for an ordinary battery. Don’t be tight, get it right first time by investing in Ever Ready batteries. If the shopkeeper tries to convince you to buy the ‘never heard of’ brand, ignore them and demand Ever Ready.


Back in the day, Ever Ready was the battery to get your hands on. These were the days before the battery with the copper coloured top hit the top spot. When you brought a new radio, the chances were that you’d pop a few Ever Ready’s in. A new torch? A chunky Ever Ready would keep things bright.


I  have fond memories of popping in a couple of red Ever Ready’s into my portable radio. I remember the feeling reassured knowing that the batteries would not give up the ghost whilst listening to the charts on Sunday evening. The Ever Ready brand has gone but whether you chose Ever Ready blue or red, you were reassured that the heartbeat of your appliance kept beating well beyond expectations.




Ever Ready were used in cameras too but were not at fault for some poor photos. Take a look here:  The camera: rolls of film and rubbish photos

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