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Spot the Ball – nostalgic gambling

GET out of the red and into the black! A fat wad of cash is up for grabs.

How? By getting your hands on the Spot the Ball competition coupon. ‘X’ marks the spot – ‘x’ equals cash!



The essentials

A good fine nibbled biro for a start. You want to make sure the ‘x’ is bang in the centre of the ball. You want the result to be crystal clear so you don’t lose out. A biro with a thicker nib does not work –  your chances of winning will be slimmer than a supermodel on hunger strike.

A good eye and anticipation is needed. It may seem obvious where the ball is but is it really there? Don’t be fooled by the general direction of where the footballers are looking – that’s a ploy to trick you! It’s important to think outside the box – the ball may not be in the obvious area.



The final stages

Once you’ve marked the crosses where you think the ball is, make sure you complete the entry form in block capitals. No good having the winning entry when then organisers can’t read your writing –  don’t throw it away in the final stages! Make sure you hand your entry over to the man who collects em (The Pools Man) – he’ll be calling round on Wednesday evening.

Challenging, mind boggling, frustrating and fun … Spotting the Ball.





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