Nostalgic lagers, world cup football, VAR and personality types

WITH scorching temperatures and the football world cup, thousands of people kept cool by gulping down gallons of cold lager whilst screaming for a VAR check (for the non-followers of the world cup, VAR stands for Video Assistant Referee – use of video technology to supposedly make correct decisions).

Rewind to the 1982 football world cup when the likes of Shilton, Robson and Keegan were playing for England – lagers like Long Life and Skol ruled inside pubs and living rooms. Memories of gulping down one of these nostalgic lagers may fill us with delight or displeasure. Below we look at five nostalgic lagers and analyse the personalities of the drinkers.





Description: ‘Need to get away and relax’ lager.

Strapline: ‘Stay sharp to the bottom of the glass’.

Personality type: hates long term commitment, takes each day as it comes, introvert tendencies.

Reaction to incorrect VAR decision: Too much excitementcrawls into a corner and refuses to watch the rest of the game.



Long Life



Description: The’Steady Eddie’ beer

Strapline: ‘Specially brewed for the can’

Personality type: marriage material, sound judgement, keeps their garden lawn in tip-top condition and has a pension pot that’s not too shabby.

Reaction to incorrect VAR decision: Controlled and detailed – spends  an hour getting their point across to the neighbour on the other side of the garden fence.






Description: Lighthearted, fun, down the earth middle of the road lager

Strapline: ‘Horribly good lager’ and ‘You’re a Skolar’

Personality type: marriage material with lots of fun. Chilled out, funny, stand-up comedian.

Reaction to incorrect VAR decision: Finds the whole scenario hilarious – piss themselves laughing – reels off a number one-liners before gulping down another pint or two.





Description: Lager with a touch of class.

Straplines: ‘Pure Draughtmanship’ and ‘It’s a different world’

Personality typeattention to detail –  hosts of the most charming dinner parties.

Reaction to incorrect VAR decision: Details, facts, don’t let it happen againsends a 10-page document to the footballing governing body, FIFA, containing analytics highlighting their mistakes.


Special Brew



Description: Lager with a knockout punch.

Strapline: ‘The only thing better than a Carlsberg Special Brew is another Carlsberg Special Brew’

Personality typeHard as concrete and confident. Can sometimes come across as emotionless and blunt.

Reaction to incorrect VAR decision: Emotions out of controlno messing – smashes the TV with a hammer – punches anyone in sight – keen to find out where the referee lives.



The likes of Peroni, Stella and Fosters were most likely drank during the 2018 world cup whilst VAR decisions were debated. The supplies of carbon dioxide got to critical levels but luckily our lagers weren’t as flat as a trampled footballer in the penalty box!

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