Bullseye: A short tribute to Jim Bowen

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The one and only Jim Bowen

I’d always look forward to tuning into Bullseye on a Sunday afternoon. Jim Bowen was always smartly dressed. He’d sport huge slightly tinted glasses and reeled off one-liners that made us chuckle. Jim was the perfect host for Bullseye – mention Jim to anyone and he’d be instantly linked to Bullseye. Let’s face it, Bullseye without Jim would be like a Sunday Roast with just veg and gravy. Sunday afternoons meant we could forget that the weekend was coming to a close, kick back and enjoy a bit of bully. Jim’s ability to connect with the contestants, audience and viewers made Bullseye essential Sunday afternoon viewing

The fun of counting cash

Thirty pounds was not to be sniffed at back in the 80s – that’s how much a contestant got for getting a question right in the initial rounds. If the contestant didn’t progress to the next round, no worries – hopefully they would have won some cash … £120 … £175 or maybe just over £200. The cash for the contestants (who didn’t make it through to the latter rounds) would be counted up by Jim – it took him the entire commercial break to count it! Counting-out cash during the commercial break was Jim’s signature action whilst we grabbed a cuppa.

Fond memories

You really couldn’t beat a bit of Bully. I smile when I drift off into my own little world and think of those darts flying (sometimes wildly) towards the board. My broad smile then turns into a chuckle as I imagine being transported back to Sunday afternoons in the 80s and 90s. RIP Jim Bowen – great guy and fab gameshow host. Darts, fun, counting cash, boats, prize boards, keeping out the black and staying in the red – Jim Bowen.

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