You can’t beat a bit of Bully!

INNNN One … Wake up to a hot cuppa with this fantastic Teasmaid.

Innnn Two … Never have a cold sandwich again with this Sandwich Toaster.

Innnn Three … Wash days are never a chore with this automatic Washing Machine.

Innnn Four … Enjoy your favourite tunes in style … its a Midi Hifi system.

Innnn Five … Say Cheese … Capture every moment with this 35mm Camera.

Innnn Six … Dine like royalty with this Cutlery set

Innnn Seven … Flick through channels in your armchair with this 14-inch remote control colour TV.

Innnn Eight … Red or White? The choice is yours with these Wine glasses.

And Bully’s special prize … Let those dishes wash themselves with this automatic Dishwasher!’



Those were the days … Sunday afternoons and tuning into Bullseye.

Jim Bowen … smartly dressed, sporting huge slightly tinted glasses and reeling off a number of one-liners that would make the contestants and audience chuckle.

The Contestants … Darts players, non Dart players, general knowledge geeks … many a tad on the shy side.

The Audience … obedient (not a heckler in sight), encouraging the contestants to risk it for Bully’s special prize.

Thirty pounds was not to be sniffed at back then … that’s how much a contestant got for getting a question right in the initial rounds. If the contestant didn’t progress to the next round, no worries … hopefully they would have won some cash … £120 … £175 or maybe just over £200. The cash for the contestants (who did not make it through to the latter rounds) would be counted up by Jim … it took Jim the entire commercial break to count the cash! Why? I really don’t get it! Maybe it gave them all a chance to take a comfort break or take a sneaky swig from a secretly hidden Hip-flask!

I’m not one to take risks. I like to weigh up my options, make a sensible decision and not worry about what others think. Now imagine you are a Bulleye contestant … you and your partner have just won 7 out of the possible 9 prizes on the prize board (it does not take a mathematical genius to understand that you’ve the won the majority of the prizes). When prompted by the sharply dressed host if you would gamble all your prizes for the Bullys star prize, what would you say? The audience will chant ‘Gamble’, but would you listen to them? I guess it depends on if you like the idea of owning a Boat! As for me I’m ignoring the chanting audience and legging it into the sunset with the 7 prizes (if my partner is in agreement of course). The thought of winning a boat would stress me out … Where would I keep it? How much is waterways tax? Can I get a buyer in place before they dump it off outside my house!




You really can’t beat a bit of Bully. I smile when I drift off into my own little world and think of those darts flying (sometimes wildly) towards the board. My smile broadens when I think about the prizes that were dished out. My broad smile then turns into a delightful chuckle as I imagine being transported back to Sunday afternoons 33 years ago. Thank you Jim. Thanks also to the wonderful contestants. My final word of thanks goes out the studio audience … collectively you had amazing powers of persuasion and … I’m sure Jim would describe you as the perfect audience.

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