Pears Soap: a moment of embarrassment

IN THIS RETRO POST, Grace Pye recalls the embarrassing moment she climbed out the bath to get her Pears…

“It was 1989, I was 19 years old. I’d not long left college and was working as a trainee hairdresser at Top Barnet. My Saturday shift had finished and I was walking home when my friend Justine pulled up. “Jump in” she shouted – I was really happy to give my aching feet a break as I jumped in the Mini Metro.

I smelt skanky. The fresh smell of deodorant applied nine hours earlier had been replaced by sweat with a mixture of hair care products.

I felt bad leaving Justine’s car smelling not so good. I headed straight to the bathroom once back at the shared house and started running the bath.

It was such a relief sinking into a deep warm bath. I closed my eyes and switched off from the busy day at the hairdressers. It was all going so well until I realised I left my bar of Pears soap in my bedroom. I had to get it…

I could feel the towel wrapped around me slipping as I tip-toed across the landing into my bedroom. Mission accomplished I thought whilst clutching a new bar of Pears soap. I was so focused on getting swiftly back to the bathroom when I should have been looking where I was going…

It wasn’t the first time I’d caught my little toe against the chunky wooden bed leg, but this situation was different: on the previous occasions I was wearing more than just a towel skimpy towel!

The Pears soap flew out my hand and the towel slipped off… I fell to the floor and let out a worrying shriek.

My bedroom door swung open and my house mates James and Alyson looked shocked. Their look of shock turned to giggles as they helped me to my feet.

I picked up my Pears and hobbled across the landing back to the bathroom.

I could feel the throbbing of my little toe ease as I sank back into the bath. It had been an embarrassing few minutes, but I did get my Pears – I couldn’t have a bath without it!”

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Main photo taken by Retrohen. The source is a metal wall sign by Sweet & Nostalgic

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