Imperial Leather soap: treat it with respect

Intro to the Imperial Leather post

SHIELD, Camay, Zest, Lux: all soaps that were once advertised on television during the 70s and 80s. Shield, the deodorising soap; Camay, soft lather, soft skin; Zest, the soap tonic that brings you back to life; Lux, the beauty soap. In addition to four soaps mentioned, there is one that is unique and oozes quality: Imperial Leather.

Rather attractive

It’s almost an injustice to call Imperial Leather just a bar of soap: check out its shape, it looks as though it has been expertly crafted by the local soapmaster in Italy. Its creamy complexion and carefully chiselled body shows that this is no slapdash job. The finishing touch is the centralised label bearing the name of the soapmaster, and the name that boldly proclaims class and quality, Imperial Leather.

Treat it with respect

If you purchased a luxury item, you’d look after it and treat it with respect – Imperial Leather is luxury so you’ve got to treat it with respect, no ifs, buts or maybes! Below are a few key tips to ensure utmost respect is given to the luxury bar of soap.

#1. Used Imperial Leather soap to wash your grubby hands after spending the afternoon gardening? Make sure you rinse away any remnants of mud left on the soap.

#2. Had a shower and noticed some body hairs trapped on the surface of the luxurious bar? Wash it off straight away! That kind of behaviour of leaving hairs ingrained in the soap is shockingly nasty!

#3. Don’t ever dig your fingernails into a bar of Imperial leather. If you ever get the urge to do that, best get yourself a cat scratching post. To be honest, if it gets to that stage, you should start feasting on Whiskas from a cat bowl.

#4. Never, never, never, put the bar Imperial Leather in your bum whilst cleaning your rear end. This is the most serious offence and shows ultimate disrespect – absolutely disgusting! Be considerate and spare a thought for the next person using it to wash their hands and face.

Want more reasons why you should treat Imperial Leather with respect? Get the history lesson on its heritage here.

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