Have a break, have a KitKat

This post is dedicated to the 1984 KitKat television advert. The track, Alien Invasion, still holds a special place in the hearts of nostalgic KitKat munching geeks.

A BAND of four, with big dreams of going on tour, enthusiasm brimming, faces always grinning. Vocal training not needed, they should have heeded, self-taught beginners, but will they be winners?

The day has arrived, feeling very alive, demo tape in trouser pocket, embarrassing to say we forgot it. The office of Mr Ducer, the hit record producer, some say he’s swift and shifty, but he’s also so nifty.

Demo tape turning, his stomach is churning, a mish-mash of vocal gears, painful to his ears. The band full of zest, they really are impressed, went hell for leather, to put the track together.

He’s heard enough, their music is duff, for heaven’s sake, it’s time to take a break. KitKat on a tray, it’s an exciting day, but is there a vision, before he makes a decision?

The verdict is in, but will the tape end up in the bin? Pause for thought, like in court, will it end in humiliation, or mad jubilation?

Brutal and blunt he is: they can’t sing, so no chance of bling; before they can say, they’re told they can’t play; they thought they had the look, better off being crooks.

Unexpected lifeline, meant they could build a pipeline, now they rock, on Top of the Pops. Alien Invasion was the song, it was not so long, KitKat for pause, a big round of applause.

Have a break by checking out the 1984 advert below

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