Bullseye: Bully’s prize board revisited

BULLSEYE was classic Sunday afternoon/early evening viewing in the 80s. Hosted by the charismatic Jim Bowen, it was a hit with the nation and is still sometimes shown on television (check out Challenge TV, channel 47)

Not just darts but…

Loads of money

Wads of hard cash being dished out was typical of Bullseye – Jim would often count out the banknotes during the interval. Bullseye was generous when it came to handing over the cash – instant and in your face!

The speedboat

A speedboat wes a popular star prize, but winning one could cause a bit of a problem if you suffered from sea-sickness or if the coast was 250 miles away. All’s not lost if you ended-up with an unwanted sleek, powerful boat… apparently, a swap option was available… phew!

Bully’s tankard containing cash

The aim of the game was to win prizes and cash, when it came to dishing out cash, Jim would position the notes elegantly in the tankard. If a contestant didn’t win any cash, or gambled it by going for Bully’s star prize, the only comfort would be knowing you would get your BFH… bus fare home!

Bully’s Prize Board

Before we start, a couple of golden rules:

  1. Stay in the red and out of the black
  2. You get nothing for two in a bed

The prizes on the board were pretty impressive – here’s a few goodies that were up for grabs:

Innnn One … Dinner gone cold? This microwave oven will reheat it in no-time.

Innnn Two … You’ll be right on time with this pair of stylish gold plated watches.

Innn Three … Get rid of the guesswork and weigh accurately with these digital scales.

Innn Four … No birds or feathers in sight with these elegant nest of glass tables.

Innn Five … This motor powered bike will make outdoor leisure time enjoyable.

Innn Six … Keep your lawn neat and tidy with this lawnmower.

Innn Seven … You’ll be a step ahead with this latest, top of the range home computer.

Innn Eight … Knowledge is power – you’ll have both with this set of encyclopaedias.

And Bully’s star prize… no need to shift from the sofa to change channels … it’s a colour television with remote control!

Not too shabby if you throw your darts right

Lots of practice, a steady hand and a good general knowledge base stored in your head meant you could be quids-in and heading home with a van full of top-notch prizes. Whilst Brucie encouraged contestants to play their cards right, in Bullseye it was about throwing your darts right … keep in the red and out of the black … take your time and don’t rush … aim for the board and don’t let those darts stray!

Don’t forget to watch the video by clicking the image below

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