School punishment … retro style

AS a new school term is about to begin, teachers have the challenge of encouraging pupils to pull themselves together and shake off the summer holiday hangover. Many pupils eventually get back into the school routine without too much fuss.

Things were a bit different during yester-years – tough punishment was on the agenda for pupils who continued to slack after the summer break.

School discipline: it was sometimes harsh and undeserved. Here are six common ways  teachers kept us in line.



Punishment by boredom. ‘I will not talk in class. I will not talk in class. I will not talk in class … I will do my homework… I will do my homework… I will do my homework … I will not throw things at other pupils… I will not throw things at other pupils… I will not throw things at other pupils’.

Stand in the corner and face the wall!


Punishment by boredom and isolation. A blank canvass is ideal for an artist but useless if you’re just standing there staring at it! Your nose is almost kissing the wall and your eyes go blurry. You’ve been ordered not to turn-round until told.

I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap!


You were unaware of the teacher behind you when the naughty word slipped out your mouth. You’re dragged to the toilets where the most scuffed and grubby bar of soap is shoved in your mouth – harsh!

Hit with the blackboard eraser

The teacher is scribbling away on the board. Whilst their back is turned, you have a giggle with and natter to your mate. What you didn’t know is that the teacher has eyes in the back of their head. The eraser is launched and hit its intended target …you!

The ear twister


The offence you committed was minor – you’d forgotten the name of the capital city of Brazil even though the teacher had mentioned it two minutes earlier. A twist of the ear meant you’ll never forget the city of Brasilia!

The Cane


You’ve been involved in a playground punch-up. After being dragged to headmasters office for interrogation, it’s time to take your punishment. The swish sound of the cane before connecting with your hand or backside was terrifying!

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