Superstars: who’s up for the sports challenge?

MAYBE you’ve conquered a few half marathons and you’re the envy of your peers. Maybe you hammer the gym every evening and have a body that turns heads. You may have even competed in numerous triathlons and always finish in the top three. If exercise is your oxygen, then maybe it’s time for a real challenge – a challenge lasting two days where you’ll complete with sporting legends. Are you ready to give it a go and try to achieve Superstar status?

What’s your fastest 100-metres sprint time? Running for a bus once in a while will not qualify you as a sprint king or queen, especially when you realise that footballer Malcolm MacDonald (Supermac) clocked 10.9 seconds in the 100 metres sprint.

… but when it comes to cycling, you’ve got to hang on, keep those wheels steady, and use your loaf.

How fast are you on a racer? You’ll have to give the cycling event a go to earn your Superstar status. The cycling event is not just about pedalling like there’s no tomorrow, it’s about strategy and keeping control of the bike. Football legend, Kevin Keegan, wobbled, lost control and crashed! You may have strength and stamina, but when it comes to cycling, you’ve got to hang on, keep those wheels steady, and use your loaf.

Are you in the same league as Duncan Goodhew when it comes to swimming? It’s all good if you take to water like the goldfish you’ve won at the funfair; it’s not so good if your best ever swimming attempt was the width of the pool whilst wearing inflatable armbands.

How good is your strength, stamina, endurance and weightlifting technique? You may be king or queen of the gym, but the events in Superstars separate sporting royalty from wishy-washy contenders. Want to know what Superstars sporting royalty looks like? His name is Brian Jacks: if you can get anywhere near his 100 dips on the parallel bar, or 103 squat-thrusts, then class yourself as a serious competitor.

If you still have energy in your tank, then there’s the Football Slalom, Steeplechase and Canoeing to prove yourself. Remember, there’s not just Supermac, Keegan and Jacks you need to keep an eye on, Daley Thompson, David Hemery, Tim Crooks, John Sherwood, Alan Minter and John Conteh are serious contenders too! Now that you know what’s required, are you brave enough to throw your name in the hat, step-up, and take on the Superstars?

Watch the video below and reminisce

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