Cool Cresta: coolness with a dash of the wild side in the middle

I’M THE COOL BEAR, but you can’t see my stare. Dark glasses I wear, no sun in my eye, all for the best, as I stare at the sky.

Horizontal and chilled, no worries and strife, life is so easy, no need to feel queasy.

The drink of the day, Cream Soda it is, sparkling and cold, don’t need to be told. Unscrew the bottle, gulp through a straw, frothy delight, goes out of sight.

Uncontrollable intensity, the urge to do backflips, the Bear with amazing ability, with limited availability.

Backflips are over, back in position, another gulp from the bottle, this time full-throttle.

No sweat on my neck, a Breakdance routine, a dazzling sight, dancing to Rapper’s Delight.

Routine finished, enough for the audience, still cool and collected, heart rate not affected.

Enough for the day, introvert time needed, stroll-off to habitat, no time for chit-chat.

My name is Cresta, there’s no need to think, all you can do, is kick back and drink. Don’t try to imitate, you’ll look like a fake, it will be hilarious, when you crumble like cake. I am the one and only, but not like Chesney Hawkes, so remember the name, so it’s stuck in your thoughts. Last gulp of Cream Soda, down to my tummy, frothy and delicious, but in no way vicious. Peace out.

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