This is Your Life… or is there more?

THE unrecognisable disguise, the sheer surprise and disbelief, those famous words “… this is your life” followed by the revealing of the red book. Another celebrity hooked by Eamonn Andrews; shortly afterwards, they were whisked to the television studio where their whole life story was shared with the nation; old friends also popped-up to share the moment. A whole life contained in one big red book.

We’ll never know exactly what was written in the red book, but a good assumption is that the contents was good, nice and innocent. Now, what if, and you can maybe guess where this is leading, that red book was literally your life? What if the producers of the programme managed to track-down little Johnny, the chap that was famous for getting you into trouble at primary school? What if Mrs Smithfield, the teacher who had a big say in getting you expelled from secondary school, was in the red book and appeared in the studio? How about the individual who you secretly have a love-child with? You can see how awkward and messy things could get if the big red book included the truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth: the clean, the not-so-clean and the downright filthy; celebrities and politicians approached by Eamonn would probably disappear in an instant, even before he revealed the big red book!

The concept of having the truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth element to the show may sound like quite an attractive televison proposition: Jeremy Kyle has disappeared so maybe the concept could be a prime-time replacement? Actually lets erase that idea from our minds – instead enjoy the nostalgic look-back to when Eamonn reavealed the truth but just the good truth – the truth that caused minimum amout of embarrassment and the certainty of no punch-ups in the studio – it was revealing but all was lovely, nice and rather innocent.

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