Nostalgic children’s TV programme: Why Don’t You…

… something less boring instead?

Do you remember Why Don’t You? The programme that encouraged kids to get off their bums and do something!

What kind of things were the kids encouraged to do? Arts, Crafts, outdoor games, making sandwiches, creating an indoor puppet show, making things out of matches and staples … health and safety rules not allowed! Switch off your television set and do something more dangerous instead maybe?

After all these years the opening theme is still stuck in my head. I don’t usually remember the opening theme to a programme I’d watched the night before so the peeps behind the intro deserve a huge pat on the back.

The design

Get a guy with big eyes and stick him a in a huge armchair. Make him look like he’s about to die from boredom and he’s desperate for someone to put his misery to an abrupt end. Make his skin tone slightly green – a warning that he’s about to turn into the mini version of the Hulk. The TV programme he’s watching is not really cutting-it, but still he continues watching, getting increasingly bored as his body sinks further into the huge armchair. His eyes are spinning and the poor guy cannot take much more. Suddenly he decides enough is enough and puts his boot through the television screen. Now that our bored friend has exploded with anger and kicked-in the television set, what will he do instead?

Did you or didn’t?

Were you motivated by the Why Don’t You gang? You can spot the ones who’d watched Why Don’t You in their younger years – they are the ones who are always making weird and wonderful things (mobile phone covers made out of scorched oven gloves, replacing the sole of their slippers with a bit of leftover carpet, and making sweetened condensed milk and tuna sandwiches). This group can be described as the Innovators.

If you weren’t a fan of Why Don’t You, then no doubt you just can’t be bothered faffing around with leftover bits of carpet, burnt out oven gloves and you’d rather nip into Subway for a decent sandwich. This group can be described as … well … ‘can’t be arsed‘.

You know what to do

Next time you’re stuck in front of the television and feeling a fed up and bored, you know what to do … give that 50 inch flat screen a good kick! You’ll feel better afterwards. Remember – don’t turn it off but mash-it-up … it’s no good for you!

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