The Great British Blog Book for Nostalgic Geeks



  1. How nostalgic are you? Five signs that you’re living in the yesterday-years
  2. How to survive a term at Grange Hill
  3. Ready Brek – central heating for kids
  4. The blackboard eraser – the preferred choice of weapon
  5. Stop, Look and Listen – The Green Cross Code
  6. World of Sport or Grandstand? When sport ruled on Saturday afternoons
  7. Beanz Meanz Heinz
  8. Access – your flexible friend
  9. How to make the perfect Angel Delight
  10. How to win at Monopoly
  11. In sickness and in health – Lucozade
  12. Get Stuffed! – Learning how to cook
  13. The Ford Capri – iconic car
  14. Nostalgic motoring advice
  15. RIP Smash Hits
  16. Mr Kipling – the master baker
  17. The name is VIC – the Commodore Vic 20 remembered



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A collection of typewritten, raw, blogs celebrating British television, advertising and leisure, from the 70s through to the 90s.



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