Living in the Past note cards – Box of 5


Design 1 – Just a suggestion … there’s ample cash under the mattress for a modern television.

Yes some people did keep their hard earned cash under the mattress! Keeping cash under the mattress ensured instant, easy access. With saving interest rates scraping the barrel, the mattress maybe a good alternative (just make sure the home security is top-notch).

The four-buttoned TV that weighed a ton! BBC1, BBC2 and ITV were the only available channels back in the day.

Luckily banks are a pretty safe bet for our money these days (even if the interest rates are dire) and we have the luxury of sleek flat screen TV’s – no need for Fort Knox style home security or manually tuning in the TV stations!

Suggestion for kicking off your note: ‘Do you remember the TV we had? Thanks for the gift’.


Design 2 – Is taping top 40 songs off the radio even legal these days?

Sunday evenings was the time when we’d listen to the top 40 and simultaneously hit the play and record button on the cassette player. We’d then have our favourite tune recorded on a C60 or C90.

Suggestion for kicking off your note: ‘Cheers for the music night – I know you still have a few tapes knocking around ….’


Design 3 – I’m not fibbing – on my car I can adjust the wing mirror without winding down the window!

Years ago, wing mirrors had to adjusted manually – we’d wind down the window, twist and pull until we achieved the optimum angle. It was a tad annoying having to this whilst the rain pelted down and soaked your arm!

Suggestion for kicking off your note:  ‘I think this will jog your memory – remember that Volvo?’


Design 4 – Yes indeed … a front-loading machine also spins clothes!

The good old twin-tub washing machine. The washer occupied one side of the machine whilst the spinner occupied the other side. Manually lift the clothes (using wooden tongs) out of the washer into the spinner. The whole process of using one of these twin-tubs would sometimes have us sweating like a marathon runner. Luckily the modern front-loading washing machines washes and spins in one drum. The result … sweat-free washdays!


Suggestion for kicking off your note: ‘I’m glad we don’t have to use these anymore! I enjoyed the stay –  free from the usual household chores’.


Design 5: Just saying … an electric kettle also boils water to 100 degrees centigrade!

The whistling kettle still has a place in the some kitchens around the country. Hearing the whistling kettle, dashing into the steam engulfed kitchen and turning off the gas burner was usual practice many years ago. We knew the water was well and truly boiled! Today the electric kettle is more likely to be seen in our kitchens – it boils water without whistling … and no sprinting needed to rescue from the hob!

Suggestion for kicking off your note: ‘Thanks for the coffee and chat …’


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5 x A6 sized boxed cards (one of each design) in nostalgic green.





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