Nostalgic hardback book special offer: Section N Underpass for £9.99

Advertising from the 70s and 80s – nostalgic imagery – fun stories – packed with nostalgic entertainment.

The Section N Underpass is a fun and factual look-back at entertainment, leisure and advertising from the 1970s and 1980s. Reminisce on advertising images, famous straplines and fun stories. Take your journey into the Section N Underpass.

The Freeman Hardy Willis shoebox – Mr Kipling: The master baker and the tale of Sandra the nosey parker! – Making and consuming Angel Delight by Mrs Dolly Enright – Cadbury’s Milk Tray … all because the lady loves Milk Tray – Lucozade: In sickness and health – enthusiastic advice from general practitioner Davis J Daniels – Wall’s Ice Cream: Keeping -cool during the scorching hot summerBeanz Meanz HeinzGrandstand or World or Sport? Sport rules on Saturday afternoonHow to win at Monopoly: The cheat sheet – Smash Hits: Lester Drake talks to the bitch with the notepad –  The name is Vic: held captive by the Vic 20 home computer – The Raleigh Chopper: stretching the imagination – Ready Brek: central – heating for Harry – My preferred choice of weapon by Mrs J Hastings – Ian’s survival plan whilst at Grange Hill – The Allegro, the Ambassador, Sel the mechanic and Castrol motor oil – The Ford Capri: a short tale of a regretful taxi driver – The Green Cross Code Man – the helpless gent – John Stoneyleigh-Smith is the voice of Access – Your flexible friend – A brief history of British Telecom told by Eastender Scott Manning – Matey to the rescue – The big clean-up with Judy Jacobson – Brut aftershave: Homme de France with attitude – Maxwell House coffee

Section N Underpass

The nostalgic hardback with enough clout to send you flying back through the 80s and 70s. Price includes delivery in the UK ONLY.

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